An exercise in meditation ...

One of the problems of living in this modern world is that there's so much going on around us.  It generates intrusive thoughts and our minds can be on the go 24/7 if we're not careful.  People that live with stress related conditions can find it very difficult to switch-off.

'Mind-chatter' makes it hard for us to relax even when we're not working.  People try to find solace in music, watching moves, taking drugs, sports and many other activities.  The one area that solace can be found is within.  It takes time and effort to find peace within and silence is the goal.  Within the silence we can hear ourselves instead of all the rubbish floating around us.

If you have problems trying to find the silence within, try the exercise below.  It's from my third volume of poetry, Soul of a Wolf.  I felt like putting in an exercise that might help someone.

Find the Silence

Having trouble finding the silence?  This exercise should take you anything from 15 -30 minutes. Read this all the way through first and then try the exercise.  If you need help with it, get a friend to read this to you or record your own voice and play it back to yourself and work through the instructions.

Sit or lie down on the floor in a comfortable position and began breathing evenly and making the breaths gradually deeper.  Let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth with every out breath.
Do this for about 60 seconds.  Aim to get the last two or three breaths to last 10 seconds in and 10 seconds out if you can do so comfortably.

Don't stop the breathing exercise, but keep the breathing going - deep and even.
Now start the exercise.  Make sure your eyes are closed and that you’re sat in a darkened space - draw the curtains.
As you keep breathing, start to paint the following scenes in your mind:

1.  The waves of the ocean are calm, 2ft height gentle swells rolling in to the shore.  Put detail on the waves, colour texture, movement, the effect of the light.  Keep your breathing at the same rate throughout this exercise.  Paint in the sky, the clouds are grey and closing in.  The wind is picking up speed and buffets you now and then, letting you know that there's a storm coming. 

The Storm

2.  Make the waves higher and higher.  Make them reach further into the beach.  Make the wind faster and harder. Paint in the grains of sand being blown along.  Paint in the sky turning dark and the noise of thunder - LOUD!   Paint in the flashes of lightning!  Make the waves higher, crashing, hear them!  Picture the foam, the spray as it drenches you.  Hear the thunder, see the lightning!  Put all of your pain, anger, sadness and any other negative energy into this scene.  Pump it up and let it go!  Picture every explosion as the huge waves explode over ancient rocks.  You must keep the breathing going;  it may get a little faster but don't worry - go with it.

3.  Gently start to ease off the size of the waves, little by little.  Gradually, slowly, make the sky lighter.  Make gaps of lighter sky appear in the clouds.  Let the wind slowly ease.  Everything must be gradual.  Work back towards a calm ocean, a clear sky and let the rays of the Sun gently warm you.  Make the waves tiny - very gentle waves now delicately lapping at your feet and feel the connection with the calm.  Your breathing should be deep and even – 10 seconds in, 10 seconds out.  Do this breathing alone at this rate for another minute.

The ‘mind chatter’ should be gone now and you’ll have the peace of silence within.  Stay in that position and enjoy the silence.

©Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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