The Anti-Semetism storm being generated by Israel

I’m concerned that people are using the label of ‘anti-Semitism’, a form of racism, to either stop people from criticising the state of Israel for its various crimes against humanity and running an apartheid state.

I also don’t feel that any particular form of racism should be given priority over another.  We should be challenging any form of racism, whenever we encounter it.

I have spent my working life standing up against racism and other forms of discrimination.  I remember, to this day, first seeing the images of what was done to the Jews in the holocaust ... and I still remember the feelings of first seeing those images.  I can't begin to imagine how survivors, or relatives of survivors, may have felt.  I think of all the various groups of people that have been subjected to genocide (directly or indirectly):  The Native Americans (56 million deaths), the Aborigines (250,000 deaths), the Maori, the people of India (1.8 billion deaths), the people of Africa (20million plus), the Irish (200,000), the Scottish, the Welsh, the Jews (6 million) ...and the Palestinians, to name but a few.

Israel is subject to the same criticisms as any other nation for its policies and actions and Israel is not the country of Jews alone – this is the last record I could find of their breakdown by religion:

Rank Religion Population Adhering (%)
1 Judaism 74.7
2 Islam 17.7
3 Other 4.1
4 Christianity 2
5 Druzism 1.6

One thing to bear in mind is that the mainstream media won’t always give us the whole truth, and sometimes, very little of it.

From my own experiences in serving in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s, I went and spent time with Protestants and Catholics when off duty.  Regular people that were busy getting on with their lives.  I learned that most people don’t want war and violence.  They wanted to be left in peace rather being used as political pawns on chessboards that weren’t even present near their own homes.  I’ve seen many articles of people from Muslim and Jewish faiths that are united in their communities in Israel and other parts of the world, in spite of the right-wing policies currently being enforced there.

The same can be said here and anywhere else where we have multi-cultural communities.  ‘Divide and Conquer’ was a tactic taught to us by the Romans … and many governments around the world employ it very effectively; if we’re fighting amongst each other, we can’t effectively fight against a dictatorship.

Is it anti-Semitic to criticise the government of Israel, or Israel as a state for actions and policies that are found to be in breach of the laws of Israel, International Law or the Human Rights Convention?  No, it is not.

Is it anti-Semitic to criticise the government of Israel, or Israel as a state for the actions of its employees, where they have broken the laws of Israel, International Law or the Human Rights Convention?  No, it is not.

Racism is wrong, genocide is unforgivable.
Any person that makes a derogatory comment about a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Sikh or about a person of any other religion, should be challenged.  People should be assessed on their actions rather than their beliefs or appearance.  Religions aren’t the problem, the problem lies with those that would misinterpret a religion to achieve a desired outcome that would harm individuals or groups of people in societies.  Subjecting anyone in any society to racism, would be such an outcome – the effects – anything from disallowing someone to play in the same playground as local kids to the murder of a person or persons just for being ‘different’.

Some people are using allegations of anti-Semitism irresponsibly in the United Kingdom to gain political favour, some to create unrest. 

Evidence has been coming to light over the last few years, of political interference in the UK from both The USA and Israel and I don’t want any fact finding to be hidden under the politically used umbrella of anti-Semitism.  While Russia interferes with UK politics too, my feeling is that, at this time, we’re more vulnerable from the USA and Israel’s policies and military action in the Middle East because both nations are our allies and both nations are involved in various lucrative arms related deals with us … and as often is the case, money matters more to the establishment than doing the right thing. 

Those of you that remember Tony Blair’s election campaign will be aware that neither he nor his team encountered the victimisation that is currently being aimed at Jeremy Corbyn.  My view is that the Labour Party led by Blair leaned more towards the right.  Margaret Thatcher was quoted to have said that New Labour was her greatest achievement.  For those of us that have read and support the current Labour Party Manifesto, Corbyn’s aim is to restore some balance in society by fairer taxation of the corporations and to ensure that tax avoidance becomes a thing of the past, in order to provide a better quality of life for the whole population.  Corbyn is a threat to every rich person, every tax avoiding corporation and every nation that seeks to profit from war.  A lot of money is being used to attack him in the mainstream media.

“An Israeli embassy official who plotted to “take down” MPs regarded as hostile has also set up a number of political organisations in the UK that operated as though entirely independent.
Shai Masot was filmed covertly as he boasted about establishing several groups, at least one of which was intended to influence Labour party policy, while appearing to obscure their links to Israel.
The disclosure comes as Labour demanded the government launch an immediate inquiry into “improper interference in our democratic politics”. A former Tory government minister also called for an inquiry into the Israeli embassy’s links with two organisations, Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and Labour Friends of Israel (LFI).
Meanwhile, Masot is being sent back to Israel in disgrace, and a civil servant and Conservative official who was also filmed discussing ways to discredit MPs has resigned from her post.”

Source: The Guardian
Ewen MacAskill and Ian Cobain
Sun 8 Jan 2017 20.00 GMT

Israel is also conducting social media campaigns to generate support for its policies, by recruiting students to post pro-Israeli propaganda.

The USA and Israel have reasons to fear a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.  War should be a last resort and not entered into for reasons of securing resources, job contracts and based upon lies.  Chilcot’s report, published in July 2016, found that the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein posed “no imminent threat” at the time of the invasion of his country in 2003, and the war was fought on the basis of “flawed” intelligence. It found that the cabinet’s decision to invade was made in circumstances that were “far from satisfactory”.  I believe that Jeremy Corbyn would not lead the UK into any war unjustifiably.  I also believe that he would not endorse any arms deals with Israel and Saudi Arabia, they having been deemed illegal by the UN.

The Tories attitude was to continue supplying arms to the Saudis and to blame the illegal deals on a lack of communication between departments.  I wondered if they were trying to get a last sale or two in while people were focussed on Brexit.

As with many of these issues, the problem at the core is capitalism.  Destroy a country, it’s homes, industrial buildings and infrastructure and then award your mate’s company a contract for work there…for which you’ll get a nice bonus too.

The situation against Iran is escalating with both the USA and Israel pushing for war.  We mustn’t make the same mistakes that were made in the war with Iraq.  For those of you interested in the timeline of events, please go to:

I have a vested interest in the avoidance of war:  those that cause it never carry a rifle on the battlefield, neither do their kin.  

The lucky ones die on the battlefield, those that come home and have conditions such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), fight their battles in their hell on Earth on a daily basis.
When our men, women, boys and girls come home … many don’t receive the support they need.  We’re still reeling from regular Veteran suicides and the effects that it has on their families and friends.  We have a duty to ensure that our troops are only put in harms way when necessary.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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