Police Officers, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen - You Have A Choice - as do the Protestors...

Enforcers of the law
Whether the issue is Racism, a miscarriage of  Justice or some other form of discrimination being protested by people ... those of you that are sent in to deal with the situation, have a choice to make and it needs to be made before you find yourself in the types of incidents that are springing up all over the place at the moment.  It's a simple choice, based on your reasons for serving.

Did you join up to earn money or did you join up to make a difference, perhaps to save lives?  Hopefully it's the latter and if that is so, there are certain issues that must be at the forefront of your mind:  

1. Do I need to take physical action against a peaceful protestor?  Short answer - No!  If they're not doing anything other than exercising their democratic rights in a peaceful way or happen to be on a march and haven't done anything wrong, you have no right to harrass, bully or harm them.  In fact, if you do so, you've broken the law and are subject to a formal complaint process by the appropriate body.

It doesn't matter if they have said something abusive to you - taking verbal abuse goes with the job and you've been trained to deal with such incidents.  If you do physical harm to someone that hasn't assaulted you or put you in a situation where 'self-defence' is necessary - you have committed a criminal offence.

The evidence of your misconduct will be plastered all over the internet because there are people recording videos on mobile phones everywhere.

2.  The 'Rule of Minimum Force' or some version of it is a guideline for all Police Officers and Armed Forces Personnel in the Western World.  This means you can only apply the amount of force that is absolutely necessary ... and when the threat has been subdued, you are not permitted to use any further unnecessary physical force.

3.  Once you have arrested a person, you are responsible for their safety. If that person dies because you used more than 'reasonable force', you should face legal action.


There are establishments that don't want 'People of  Colour' living in their areas, cities, states, counties or countries and they certainly don't afford them dignity or equality of opportunity.  So the only thing that people can do is protest.

Look around you.  I guarantee that you'll see people of all races banding together with you in solidarity...including 'White' people.

The moment you allow yourself to become violent, you give the establishment evidence to say that we are not cultured; that we are not civilised; that we are criminals and deserve to be treated as animals.

Every collective, work or social, has good and bad people.  You must be aware that there are good Police Officers and Armed Forces personnel in your area too.  Please don't be drawn into any physical conflict ... because the establishment will use that footage and spin an explanation that suits their purpose.

You will see fellow protestors that wish to do physical harm to Police Officers and other people - they are not there for the cause.  They are opportunists looking to do physical harm and are just as guilty of offences as the bad cops.  Some of them are just looters, waiting to take advantage of the situation.  If you know of such antagonisers, you must distance yourselves from them as they will discredit the purpose of your demonstration.

We need selfless Community Leaders to come forward and engage in dialogue to effect change.


United We Stand
I've been watching the videos of reports of people from so many backgrounds (including police officers) protesting together peacefully to show solidarity in standing against the killing of George Floyd and for improvements to the system to ensure that such deaths never happen again.


People of Colour in the UK face the same issues of Systemic and Institutuional Racism...and we stand with our brothers and sisters in the USA, however, do not lose sight of the issue - this is about racism against us all, Blacks, Asians and other People of Colour, and the changes that need to happen to make a fairer society for us all.


Peaceful demonstrators - you're all inspirational, please keep going.

Villayat Sunkmanitu

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