Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing In The UK And The USA About Their Leaders

If ever we needed proof that the UK and USA are governed by the 'Establishment' rather than a democratic process ... we now have an abundance of it.  When we consider the actions, comments, behaviour and lack of ability of Trump and Johnson, it's clearer than any writing on any wall; social media platforms have shown the real state of the world ... and yet there is much support for these two people in their countries.  I wouldn't trust Trump and Johnson to look after the public toilets on Trafalgar Square.  If Nelson could move his arm, he'd be slapping his forehead at the thought of it.

We should also be questioning whether the election process in both countries has been tampered with and to which degree.

The Cambridge dictionary defines the establishment as: the important and powerful people who control a country or an organisation, especially those who support the existing situation.  Potential leaders of the UK are educated in a particular way, while some of Trump's education record seems to be a figment of his own imagination.

Money controls the policies of both countries - old money.  The 'elected leaders' of the UK and the USA are little more than puppets with hand sized anuses being worked by invisible hands that direct what to do, what to say and when.

Every now and then we get a 'conceded' win because the 'Establishment' recognises that this needs to happen or there would be uproar, even though the general public of the UK tend to be more reserved.  The last thing those in power need is a scenario that could cause another civil war or worse, a revolution; so a conceded win acts like a pressure release valve, the media are told to avoid reporting on the issue that caused the build up and everyone goes back to their role as some sort of drone in society.  If you think we're anything more than a Firmware V2 Slave, you need to wake up because slavery never went away.

Covid19, though an unfortunate situation, has highlighted which governments have acted responsibly with regards to the people in their care and which have acted appallingly; again the common ground between the UK and USA is a mishandling of the situation - which either shows a commonality between the 'Establishments' of the UK and USA or a more unpalatable scenario - Trump and Johnson were created in the same test tube.  Some other governments have been exemplary; Cuba and New Zealand come to mind, amongst others.

The pandemic has also proved that wealth is generated by the working classes, they don't get rich without us; a lot of them can't stay rich without us.  If we don't work - they don't get rich.  If we don't go out to bars and restaurants etc - they don't get rich.  If we don't go on holidays - they don't get rich...and the same goes for any activity that has a cost.  Even having a good dump on your porcelain throne has a cost implication that benefits the 'Establishment'.

There is only thing that hurts the establishment:  a lack of income. Boycotts are the only action that has a direct effect on them.  Peaceful protests can be infiltrated by organisations that have alternate views, thereby providing a fiction for the media that the protest wan't peaceful.  Those of you living in the UK have either experienced this yourself or may now someone that has.  Those of you in the USA have seen such events unfurl in front of your eyes over the last few months.

When people ask why things haven't improved all that much for the PoC (People of Colour) community, I ask them to remember the definition of the 'Establishment':  the important and powerful people who control a country or an organization, especially those who support the existing situation.  If we want to see real change in our societies, it's up to us to drive that change and make it a reality.

Let's make our politicians accountable and help them to become leaders.  Politicians tend to look after their own interests rather than the interests of their voters; they're more interested in sideline deals to feather their own nests rather than really helping us - an unfortunate symptom of materialism.  We need to change this behaviour.  If our elected representatives don't do the work we elected them to do or don't represent our interests on a given issue (particularly an issue they were elected on), we need to get into the habit of removing them from office and voting someone else in.  There's too much complacency towards politicians in the UK and USA.  We have some good leaders in the UK and USA, we need to support them - support is a 2-way street.

On a final note, never assume that a politician that is from a PoC community will do right by other PoC because materialism is very infectious - judge them by their actions and keep them accountable. Elect less politicians and more leaders.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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