BAME Nottingham

Wake up people!  If you're a member of a BAME Community, the last thing you need is empty gestures of politicians in front of #BLM banners!  That is exactly what will happen though as a knee-jerk reaction to the issues being opened up again through the #BLM (Black Lives Matter ) movement.

Ask the deeper questions!  Find out what they're actually doing themselves to combat racism in its various forms.  How much consultation takes place with grass-roots BAME people?

Now is the time to make all politicians, as well as public and statutory organisations and agencies accountable.  Don't let them off the hook with a photo opportunity in front a #BLM banner - that's just tokenism ... in fact it's less.

Get together folks.  There's a group on Facebook called BAME Nottingham ... please join it and start contributing to the debate.

Those of you that understand how the 'Establishment' works really need to be heard.

Please get involved: is the public page and is the
private group on Facebook:

Don't suffer the yoke of racism - make your voice heard and help each other make a real difference towards the goal of eradicating racism.

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