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Music During The Pandemic

Right now I'm sitting in my mentors art gallery. My opening to my show starts in 15 minutes.  Today is a bittersweet victory for me. For many years I hit and shame my hearing impairment. Struggling to formulate fragmented information from those around me. It wasn't until right before the pandemic that I finally faced my fear of rejection and I finally was fitted with hearing aids.  The pandemic has been painfully brutal making reading lips impossible. So during the pandemic I created a world around me that I could understand. With the tear in my eye and my head high, I finally share with the world how it is for me to perceive sound and I'm no longer ashamed to ask someone to repeat what they've said or to write it down for me.  I realize that I am a sum of my survival and experience not the sum of my damage. My music series is based on how I hear sound the background washed out the music notes all out of juxtaposition. With a 3D glasses it will separate the layers and t

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