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Racism In The United Kingdom - 29 July 2021 - RNLI subjected to abuse for saving lives

There was a report in the papers today of an RNLI crew being abused by English people on a beach on the South of England for rescuing people that were in danger while attempting a channel crossing from France.  Are we now such a racist country that we only expect rescue services to save 'English people'?  What's an English person?  I would bet that to some, if not most of these people, an English person is a White person named 'Smiff'.  It got me thinking about racism in the UK. Did you know that the average racist doesn't even know that our ancestors were invited here to work? The Government of the UK would have you believe that they are committed towards tackling racism and that there are sufficient measures and initiatives in place to tackle those who perpetrate the crime. After World War 2, the labour force of the UK was greatly reduced and the Government of the day invited  Commonwealth Citizens to bolster the workforce and take on the more menial tasks as

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