JK Rowling - Not Transphobic

When someone doesn't agree with you, it doesn't mean they hate you.

Your class, race, religion, sexual orientation, your attitudes and values are all what make you, you.

I don't like aggressive bullies though...in any group and some of them have way more traction than they deserve.

I've been reading about the Trans issue since just before Scotland kicked off the Gender Reformation Bill.  It was a worrying piece of legislation that gave men the right to declare themselves as women without any operations or other changes.

Some of these men went onto rape females because they could access their gender specific safe spaces, eg toilets, prisons etc.  Some went on to win at various sporting events because they dwarfed their female opponents...the most notable was the swimmer with a male body that went from below 400 ranking in the world to the top (rumour has it that he could use a part of his anatomy as a rudder under the right circumstances).  Worse was the giant playing in Women's Rugby!!

One of the most worrying aspects of parts of the Trans movement is the hatred and actual and political bullying they've subjected women to for raising concerns against those in the Trans community that form a threat against young and old females in society.  The Trans activists that threaten females often break laws, whether it be by invading females marches or attacking them, in every way manageable.  This has to stop.

Women still don't have equal rights in areas of their private and professional lives. Women still don't have equal pay in all areas of employment and one of the first pieces of EU legislation that the current government has been working on after Brexit is the removal of equal pay for women.

#jkrowling JK Rowling has been demonised by the Trans movement for standing up to them in support of females and their rights and has been demonised for doing so by the Trans movement and others who aren't aware of her feelings surrounding the issue.

When you persecute someone for their views, you should know something about them.  I have found no evidence that JK Rowling is Transphobic.  She is concerned, quite rightly, about issues that can and have impacted the safety, development and security of females...but activists won't acknowledge this because many probably haven't read her words on the issue.

Have a read of what she has to say, she's not transphobic:  JK Rowling on Female issues.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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