Udaipur - cleanest location visited in India & Delhi Belly in Pushkar...

It seems that the further west you go in India, the cleaner the air gets and the cleaner the towns and cities.  Udaipur was lovely.  I could actually smell the local flowers growing on bushes in the streets!  Jasmine was the only one I recognised, it being a personal favourite, but there were many others.

The streets were clean too and I saw people cleaning up any waste they found at all on the streets at all times of the day.  The place is a positive example of a clean City.  I'd highly recomend visiting there.  If you're driving up, you'll see lots of village life on the way: local people tending herds of goats and cattle, families working fileds and carrying various produce balanced on thier heads.

The downside of this leg of the visit so far has been a dose of food poisonhing in Pushkar last night.  I'm not sure which dish of the day caused it but the symptoms have been vomitting and dysentry.  It took quite an effort to get to Jaipur.  I'm staying here for two nights now and eating only fruit that I've cleaned and cut up and I'm drinking some fizzy stuff and mineral water (treated with chlorine).   I'm very sensetive to the odours and temprature right now and think that the High Altitude Sickness I experienced in Nepal has left me more vulnerable to certain things.  I'm pretty sure that I'm dehydrated but my system can't hack a lot of fluids right now, so fruit seems to be the best way forward for the next couple of days.

I've photographed people and children in many of the towns and villages that we've driven past and every time I saw a little girl alone my mind went to pondering about my own sister and how she would look now and what she'd be doing had she survived the road accident so many years ago.  There's a lot of love and affection in this country.  It makes the affection I see in the UK pale by comparison.  Its simply given with no expectations in return.  Much like the way a gift should be given.  Pure and clean..a moment between friends, lovers, family or a community.  It highlights the solitude that I feel when at home, as I seem to have fallen between the cracks of the asian and english communities..but there's hope for me yet.

Time for more napping and resting ..and some refueling of my body with fruit and water. 

I hope to be able to get an earlier flight back to the UK.  I'm being nagged by my driver and the hotel staff to see a doctor tomorrow, so I probably will.  I'll spend another day and night here resting and then head back for a flight.

Bye for now


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