Sudden Crash ...

One minute you're riding the crest of a wave.  Things have been going well with regard to getting the book into stores ... but now the real test comes - will the general public buy the book?

I decided that I can't put any more energy into that side of things now as it's getting stressful.  I can recognise the signs in myself nowadays and have pulled back a bit.  I have to be clear about the fact that while I need the book to sell to make the whole project work, I can't risk losing my coping mechanisms (poetry and photography) as casualties to materialism.  The consequences would be dire for me if that happened.  I struggle as it is getting from day to day.  Sometimes it's all I can do to just check emails and stuff.

I distracted myself yesterday and today by seeing what's happening in my garden.  I found quite a few ladybirds around my shed - and among them, three different species of ladybird having a mixed race orgy ... confirmation that spring is in the air.

The leaves seem to be coming late this year though and there are less garden birds.  Maybe they're feeding in other gardens :o)  So far I've seen the odd coal tit, blue tits, robins, starlings, pigeons, blackbirds, a wren and those pesky squirrels! 

Squirrels are a brilliant example of animal intelligence, they certainly leave some humans behind in their ingenuity when it comes to raiding the bird feeders.  I found the bird feeding station toppled over sideways the other day.  I ended up securing it with guide ropes to stop it happening again.  The station is about 7ft tall and I had put barbed wire around the stem pole to deter the grey squirrels but they just used the various strands as steps to get to the goodies.  I changed tactics by removing the barbed wire and applying engine grease to the main pole.  I haven't seen a squirrel anywhere near the pole since.  Fair's fair though, I do leave them some food in other places.

I still have to process some photos from Dunkerque and Amsterdam.  It seems such a long time since I sorted out a batch of shots.  I might sort them out tomorrow.

Time for some more games of scrabble on Facebook!



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