Decisions, decisions ...

I seem to be in a place where I can carry on writing and have been looking at the projects that I started on my computer.  One in particular has me firmly squirming on the horns of a dilemma:  the travel photography book.  When I sit and look at the diversity of images that I have and try to bracket them for the purposes of the book and I end up going backwards and forwards more times than a tube train driver pulling a 12 hour shift.

All the areas of photography that I cover require a slightly different set of abilities and I'd like to come up with a book to encompass them all but I feel at odds with including the sports photography in the same book as travel photography ... and for that matter a book that's about travel photography doesn't sit right with having wildlife photography in there.  Yet the focus of the book is using creativity to cope with PTSD.  Some more thought required methinks!

Still, the good news is that at least I've started doing some writing again today.



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