Time waits for no wolf ...

I was watering the plants in my garden, fore and aft this afternoon, letting my mind wander.

The Virginia Creepers seemed to have attracted my thought waves.  I was watching them, remembering how much of a tough winter they'd survived that is still evidient in some of the dead vines.  They're growing again and reaching upwards, populating the vine with rich purple/red leaves.  I wondered how much more they'll grow in this season.

It seems that Spring gives some plants the major push they need and growth of Summer is more sedate.  3 months goes so by so quickly nowadays.  I find myself wondering how it feels to the Creepers.  It's not a long period of time when you think  about it as a fraction of the year.  Yet the growth achieved by plant beings seems to surpass that of most animals.  When I sit and take stock of everything that a plant achieves in one year and the different ways that it networks with other beings to meet its aims, I find myself respecting plants more and more.

There are lessons in there too about what I need to do for myself.  How I can network with other people/organisations.  The difference though is that while a plant enjoys a symbiotic relationship with certain beings, the world of business is, in the main, full of people that want something for nothing.

Why do I bother working hard at something that doesn't turn a profit?  Simply for the love of it.  Every time I see something beautiful (whether I manage to capture it with my camera or not), I've been gifted with a memory.  Something that has its own colour, vibrancy and energy.  A moment that will never happen again in exactly the same way ... and as long as my memory works to a certain degree, those moments will continue to live within me, enriching me, broadening my horizons, challenging my perceptions and providing me with a wealth that surpasses material gains.

It'd be nice to network with someone that understands and respects the art though, someone that's fair and doesn't want to rip my arm off and smack me with the soggy end.  Selling some prints would work too!

Most people working in creativity have a hard time of it ... but as long as we can carry on creating, we're being paid in a different way ... and we're contributing something from within.

So, if you're a fellow creative and finding it hard to survive - don't give up!  Keep creating and keep your vision alive!


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