Le Favole Vineyard...

One of the summer trips were spent with my friends, Ale and Sandra.  They took me to an open day at Le Favole Vineyard which was a new experience for me.

 Every year, local vineyards open their doors to the local populace as a way of thanking them for their support and sell their wine at a discounted rate.

Local businesses were in attendance and there was a nice family atmosphere to the day.  One of the local meat dishes was a particular favourite of mine...unfortunately I can't remember the name of the dish but the flavour lingers somewhere in my addled mind. 

Le Favole only produce about 50,000 bottles per annum, so they don't market within the UK. 

The factory itself is built into the side of a mountain which provides some atmospheric advantages.  I tried some of the wine (under duress as it's not my nature to consume alcohol) and was quite taken by one of the reds but toally surprised at the white wine. 

I have never tasted anything so crisp and fresh before.  I normally avoid white wine, thanks mainly to the white wines that I've had a sniff of in UK bars and restaurants in the past.  This white wine produced by Le Favole was excellent.

I'll see if I can get my friends Alessandro and Sandra to put more details on as a comment as I'm no wine expert.

If you'd like to contact the vineyard, their website is: http://www.lefavole.com/.

All the best


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