Tailoring Facebook to my needs...

It's been an interesting view days of testing out new coding and trying to find an effective way of using Facebook (FB) to it's fullest potential on my website.  Originally I had FB pages for my book and my photography as two sepeate interests.  I have since amalgamted both pages and have just one FB page now:  http://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer.  So please come and support me by hitting the 'Like' button and become a 'follower' of this blog too.

I've used the coding to create a stream on my website to keep visitors up to date with events, images and thoughts.  I'm very pleased with the way that it looks.  This isn't a replacement for the blog as the updates are limited in terms of numbers of characters allowed.  The 'full article',  if there is one, will still be on the blog.  Thanks Facebook!

Time to get some shut eye...



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