Current writing projects ...

I started writing a novel based on my experiences but it's really slow going.  I know that I often avoid writing it because of the associated memories and traumas of my earlier life.  I'm not happy with the title either but it'll all happen when it's supposed to and there's no sense in getting stressed over it time wise.

The second title on the go is 'Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder'.  It's a guide of different ideas and coping mechanisms from my viewpoint.  I'll be sharing some Native Amercian (First Nations)) medicine in the title and touching on quite a varied toolkit.

The third title is my third volume of poetry:  Soul of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran (ISBN 9780956488596).  I already have the cover visualised in my mind's eye and have registered the ISBN with Neilsen tonight.

Here's a sneak peak  - the image is just for the web (my friend Derek asked me to post an image of the roses I've been growing - here it is mate!):

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