Exhibition: Living with PTSD - Now OPEN until end of business 30th November 2013

It's been a trying few days as we worked on the installation of the exhibition, contractually, aesthetically and practically ... but the team overcame the hurdles and the exhibition opened on time .

I run 'Wolf Photography' and 'SnowMoon Wolf'. The first is the parent company, while the latter is the publishing wing of the project.

The aims of these Not For Profit companies are to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), educate on Intellectual Property issues and promote creative arts as a coping mechanism for disability. Click on PTSD to find out about coping resources and the benefits of creativity as a coping mechanism. The SEO section explains the basics about promoting yourself online. The RespectIP area guides you on protecting your art online.

A team of volunteers assisted the Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery manager. Ian Davies, to help get the venue ready, having taken down the previous exhibition, and arranged the space to my specifications.  I'd like to thank them for their hard work; Cat Thompson, Tony Dunleavy, Charles Masters, Phil Tenwick, Tracy Carter and Kevin Oliver - thank you very much for your help.  There is a signed copy of 'Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran' on its way to each of you.  If I have left anyone out, please get in touch with me via Facebook.

The install team (Stella Couloutbanis, Jacqueline Arnold and myself) arrived on Monday 4th November and managed to get the exhibits looking just right. Stella, Jac - thanks very much for all of your help and support in setting this exhibition up and running the opening night.

The exhibition opened on time at 10:00am on 5th November 2013 and around thirty people attended the opening night.  we had a special offer of the first volume of poetry kick off to celebrate the event.  Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran is available for £1.50 (RRP is £6.99 at Waterstones) ... and will continue to be available at that price at the event venues for the duration of the rolling exhibition.  If you would like to order a copy - simply give the gallery staff your contact details (name and telephone number) and I'll be in touch and will arrange for the book to be left at the exhibition venue for you.

Another book was released to coincide with the exhibition launch - 'Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran' (ISBN 9780956488541); within the pages you will find all of the poetry from the 'Poetry of a Veteran' trilogy that has been used in this exhibition, together will all of the photographs that currently grace the walls of the event venue. I have ten copies of the book left if you would like a signed copy; alternatively you can buy the title in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon.  This book was compiled for people that can't get to the exhibition for a variety of reasons.

Around thirty people attended the opening night and left some good feedback which you can see by clicking here. Jac Arnold kindly took a quick video of the explanation of the layout as well as the aims of the project and both Jac and Stella looked after the visitors.  You can view the video by clicking here.

I'd like to thank Stella for her hard work in the formative stage of the project.  She put the funding bid together that made this project possible.

The exhibition runs until 4:00 pm on Saturday 30th November 2013.  There is no entry charge.  The full gallery address is:  

At Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery, 2 Wellington Street,
Leicester LE1 6H

Opening times:
Mon - Thu 10am - 5pm
Fri - Sat 10am - 4pm
Sun - Closed

There is some limited disabled parking on Wellington Street and the venue is disabled accessible.

Nearest Car Park:
Newarke Street
York Road
Leicester LE2 7AD

The exhibition has also been booked at the following venues:

1 Feb - 10 Feb 2014     George Thornton Art Ltd, 12 Flying Horse Walk, City Centre, Nottingham NG1 2HN (Small exhibition - Intimacy with Plants only)

11 Feb - 28 Feb 2014     Wash Arts, Ilkeston,Nottingham (Small exhibition
- Intimacy with Plants only)    

10 March - 4 April 2014  Artcore, 3 Charnwood Street, Derby DE1 2GT (Full exhibition) 

We are looking for other galleries to host this exhibition as part of our bid to raise awareness of PTSD and to promote creativity as a coping mechanism, so please share this information as far and wide as possible. 

Another part of the project is to enable people to self publish their works without falling prey to those that would take advantage of vulnerable people.  SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self Publishing helps you through the minefield and will be available as a free Kindle download from about 2pm on 10th November - 11th November 3013.  I hope you'll find it useful.

Please feel free to like. follow, retweet, add this project to your google circles or any other form of social networking that we are a part of ... but most of all, please come and see the exhibition ... and I hope that you'll get something out of it.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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