Pandemic Tears

Beware!  There is only one reason that people will be told to go back to school or to work ... the situation is hurting the pockets of the wealthy.

Consider the situation carefully:  there is no accurate testing kit for Coronavirus, you don't know who has it, who is a carrier and who will get it.  Self-isolating has been proven to work.

The NHS doesn't have the resources to protect its staff, let alone all of us, owing to the Tory government's continual privatisation and asset stripping of the service.  Private health care is their preference and their goal ... by now you should all be waking up to this fact.

Sweden has gone with the herd immunity scenario and has the sharpest rising number of people affected by Covid19.

Don't risk your life for your job or the lives of your children by sending them back to school until we have a definite handle on this pandemic.  Those of you that are Keyworkers - please be careful.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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