Photography And Filming In Your Own Garden - Part 2 - Birds

Before you get to this stage though you should spend a week just watching which species of birds visit which feeders and their flight paths.  If you don't study the subjects, you won't know where to place your camera(s).

The equipment I recommend for videoing the birds is a Gopro8 camera and a Gopro Remote.  If you shoot using the following settings, you'll have greater flexibility in the types of video and stills that you want to create:

Bit rate: high Rez: 2.7k Frame rate: 120 EV: -1 in good light

These are good settings for making slow motion clips with as well.

You can use a variety of items to secure your camera to different parts of your garden and you can customise most of these items as bits and pieces are interchangeable.

Play with different areas based on your observations.  Remember to note where they come from, which feeders they like to visit and the direction they exit your garden from.  All of this information will help you to decide where you'll position your camera(s).

Multiple cameras can be controlled by one remote control in this Gopro range, so you can be filming different areas at the same time or different aspects of the same area.

The watering area is always a good spot but remember to not position your camera too close in case they decide to bathe.

The Gopros cameras will last about an hour each if you customise the settings and disable all of the features you don't need like GPS, voice recognition, advance capture, beeps, etc and set your screen saver to 1 minute.

Good luck and have fun!

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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