Applying To Exhibit Your Art With Disabled Artists' Network CIC

 Hi Folks,

I'm happy to announce that we have filled the 21 slots for exhibition 17D (D for Digital!).  We are now accepting applications for Exhibition 18D.

The first thing we do with a successful application is create a PDF file for you.  Please use this where you wish.  It's yours to keep as a memento of your participation.  Please do link back to the project website and social media channels.  Jacob (Facebook), XiaoYan (ShawYen) (Instagram) and Mal (Twitter) are working hard on gearing up for the current status and the official opening.

The process is very simple but it does mean that you have to read the application process before you start putting your submission together.

We have been working hard on developing the application process and formatting the online version of the exhibition.  The application process isn't fixed yet because we're in our infancy with the digital exhibition, so the applications document is updated as and when we find issues.  So please read it carefully ... and ensure that you have refreshed your browser, so you can read the latest version.  Here is the link:


Is it free to exhibit with you?
Yes! We don't charge you anything.

Do I have to submit 9 images?
No.  You can submit anything from 1-9 images.  Don't try to make the numbers up because it's better to submit 1 with a strong statement.  Your set needs to be cohesive in some way (eg subject, style, lighting etc).  The exhibition curators have the final say on whether your application has been successful.  There is no appeal process.  Simply read the feedback and re-apply.  

What are the deciding factors on whether my application succeeds or not?
Generally speaking, good clear shots over 2000 pixels, good statement and a cohesive set if submitting more than one image.  If your statement is strong, we have a little flexibility.  Anyone submitting anything offensive, particularly in the statement is automatically rejected.

Does my statement have to include something about my disability or well-being?
Absolutely yes!  The purpose of this project is to 'Promote creativity As A Coping Mechanism For Disability'.  You need to produce and open and honest document that touches on this and it needs to be positive and inspiring!  No more than 1 sheet of A4 though please.

Can I apply from outside of the UK?
Yes!  You can apply from anywhere.

Can I submit paintings and images of  nudes?
Nothing that shows genitalia or eroticism.  We will decide when we see your submission to assess if it's acceptable.  Please bear in mind that our exhibition site is in a busy Tesco supermarket...and some of the visitors are young people.

Can my art be for sale?
Yes but please don't mention prices on the statement.  Mention that the pieces are for sale and then include your contact details at the end of the statement.  A sample statement has been supplied for you to use re format - please use it and lay your information out the same way.

Are you paid for what you do?
No, we are all volunteers, including the Directors.  We don't take a salary for the work we do and we don't claim expenses either.  We run the project by creating fundraising shouts on social media when the need arises.  Most of the running costs are covered by Wolf Photography.  We believe that everyone should do something for the greater good.  This project is our effort towards that belief.

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