Changes to DAN CIC exhibition line ups at Tesco, Jennison Street, Nottingham, UK

We started our digital exhibitions on May 26th 2021 with a line up of 21 artists on the 6 dedicated screens and continued to fill the slots.

We received feedback on some issues:

1. 1 minute per screen is long enough before image rotations.

2. 9 images per artist is too many pieces for a collaborative exhibition.

3. 21 artists is too many for a show because it would take too long for a visitor to see the entire show.  If they attended the same time on the next day, the screens start up at 6am every morning, they would see the same images.

So the following changes came in with exhibition 20D.  Artists can submit up to 5 pieces for the exhibition and there are only 6 artists in one show.

The poetry screen is limited to 10 poems (these pages rotate every 2 minutes) and the camera club will display 10 images (these pages rotate after 1 minute) .  

If you'd like to exhibit with us, please read the pack carefully and follow the instructions on:  We will invite you to the exhibitors group on Facebook and LinkedIn once you've applied.  These groups are for admin purposes only, so please don't post images with prices etc.  There is a new open Facebook group where you can do that and share ideas etc:

You will also need to follow the guidance on the Networking document.

Please remember that the project is run by volunteers with disabilities and your patience is appreciated with regards to applications and support.

If you would like to display videos or animations with us, the resolution is 1080P and the file mustn't be longer than 1 minute and must not have any sound.  These can be drone videos, camera or mobile phone videos as well as computer animations.  Please make initial contact by emailing the address in the application pack.  Your video must have a credit screen at the end - stating your details as the creator and it must be your work.  You can also add a title screen.

All the best,

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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