FDG Group Ltd also trading as Nottingham Energy Centre - removed from Which? Trusted Trader list

Here's a brief review about the situation that resulted in Trusted Trader status being removed for FDG Group Ltd by Which?

Charged £199 for an EPC certificate and never lodged it.

Never applied to the DNO for permission prior to installing the equipment here:  5kw inverter, 10kw battery and 5kw Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).  Didn't submit the appropriate forms after installation either.  

FDG quoted for a battery and inverter with a lifetime warranty.  After the battery and inverter were fitted by the sub-contractor, a booklet was left that told me where to go for an extended 5 year warranty.  It turned out that the battery and inverter only came with a 5 year warranty plus 5 years on registration on the website - which FDG stopped me from doing.

They also quoted for a configuration that can't be fulfilled -  eg 15kw of battery storage.  For this brand it was 5kw x 3 to make the correct capacity.  FDG installed 1 x10kw battery.  I cancelled the second battery when I found out about their fraudulent activity.

They didn't even fit the solar panels that they'd contracted to do and the Iboost hasn't been installed either.  Contract price was £22,800 for equipment that didn't come with a lifetime warranty.  That's fraud.

FDG Group Ltd have been reported to the Police for Fraud and to Trading Standards for a criminal complaint.

FDG refused to provide a written breakdown of their invoice.  This was requested 3 times in writing.

FDG engineers didn't take appropriate measures to safeguard my home, as stated in the clause in their contract.  Incorrectly installed ASHP. Placed water cylinder in loft without prior loading calculations. Damaged my home in the process and still haven't repaired it all. Created dangerous situations with wiring and piping that should have been removed. Ignored Nottingham City Council Building Inspector's request for loading calculations and placing the cylinder on a plinth. Refused to reply to formal written complaint. Refused to meet for a recorded mediation meeting. Trader lodged MCS certificates for systems that aren't commissioned (not working properly and not completely, correctly installed). They're not supposed to do this until everything is working correctly.  The system still doesn't work properly. Reported them to Trading Standards.

The water cylinder regularly locks up and there is a leak in the system.  I often come home to a house that is 13c.  They were briefed about my disabilities and particular needs and didn't take of my home/refuge.

Complained to American Express who pulled the money back and I now to have to find a reputable company to rectify FDG's shoddy work and then pay them what they are actually worth, after repairing my home and discounting an amount for the stress caused.  Do not make any cash, BACS or Debit card payments to FDG - pay by credit card only so you have some protection.  Complaints have been lodged with all of their compliance organisations.

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