Have FDG Group Ltd Installed A Water Cylinder In You Loft?

Following on from my complaint against FDG Group Ltd, it's been confirmed that the water cylinder they installed in my attic as part of the Air Source Heat Pump contract is unsafe and the situation needs to be rectified immediately.

If you've had a water cylinder installed by them, you might decide to have the work inspected as it may be unsafe.  

You can see the reports here:

Hexa Consulting and GBS Engineering Services.  These reports were commissioned as part of my complaint against FDG Group Ltd because they failed to supply loading calculations for the water cylinder to a Nottingham City Council Building Inspector, when requested.  Both reports concluded that the water cylinder is unsafe in the current way and position it has been installed.

You have the option of contacting Nottingham City Council about their work, as well as the various organisations that have accredited them. 

Villayat Sunkmanitu

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