Broadband Contracts Based On Speed - bits vs bytes

If you're struggling to pay your comms bill, get in touch with your ISP and negotiate a discount but please be aware of the terminology being used on some websites as it's misleading ... and some Internet Service Providers need to update their websites.

If you're looking around for a good deal on broadband with a high speed of data transfer, please be aware of the following:

MB = Megabyte.  A unit of storage on your PC, Tablet, Phone etc

MB or Mb/s on a web page advertising download speed is misleading because they are talking about Megabits Per Second and this needs to stop.  It should be described as MBPS - Megabits Per Second.

What's the difference?  1 Megabit/s = 0.125 Megabytes/sec.  Bits are recording data transfer (comms), bytes is the actual amount of data a file takes up on your drive.  So  a 66MBPS contract (described on web pages as MB) is actually only 7.8678 MB of data a second.

Here's a link to some deals on at the moment:


Good luck.

Villayat Sunkmanitu

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