War Based On Materialism

Politicians from varying parties across the globe are calling to distance themselves from the military actions and strategies of the USA.  

If the UK told the USA to go home, it would be a huge step towards preventing further war. No other nation on Earth has more than 800 military bases world wide. The fact is that the USA has been involved in wars continually since WW1 and feeds the very lucrative arms industry.

According to Paul Anderson of the Irish Times:
"The United Kingdom owes the United States over $4.5 billion in repayments stretching back to the First and Second World Wars.

Unionist peer Lord Laird today received a parliamentary answer indicating that $4,368 billion is still owed from the First World War and payments of $142 million in December 2005 and $83 million in December 2006 are due in respect of aid provided following the Second World War.

The United States has not written off these debts despite cancelling the debt owed by Germany.

Lord Laird said: "We are expected to stand firm against the enemies of the USA and send troops on two occasions to the Gulf. As far as I know we did not charge George W. Bush anything for our help."
Tue Jan 25 2005 - 00:00

The war debt to the USA was paid off in 2006 but the UK, have become the USA's lapdog. Without their foothold in our nation, they couldn't have the influence they do in the EU. I'll bet that serious amounts of money have changed hands between politicians over this...but the history of that national debt to the USA will remain as a global political collar to keep the UK in step with the USA's global agenda.

The USA also interferes with elections of other nations and have been doing so for decades; they interfered with the Brexit vote, such is their fear of a united Europe.  A united Europe would require less US military bases in the EU... thus limiting their reach over other nations.

World War 3 started a few years ago but it isn't about defending anyone or freeing anyone...it's a war about profit utilising sanctions and more propaganda. 

The world's biggest polluter per population is greedy. You only have to study how they treat their own people on medical issues, the homeless or how they treat veterans, to look beyond the fiction of their democracy.  Democracy is a fiction that they use as an excuse to destabilise other nations.

Having a different ideology is no excuse for war; it's as ludicrous as starting a war with another nation for having a differing language or religion (which has been done by many nations in the past). The USA have murdered millions of civilians, they have  incarcerated hundreds of people without trial and continue to torture them.  War is about material gain, nothing more...unless you are defending yourself.

The USA have run illegal wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many smaller conflicts in other areas...shamelessly sending their own people to die on foreign soil and not properly looking after their troops that survive (particularly those coming home with mental scars) ... something that the UK has in common with them. If a nation has no shame about sending its youth off to foreign lands in illegal wars, would stooping to acts of local murder to create propaganda in order to fund further wars for greed be beyond them?  I doubt it, we're nothing but cash cows ... even the poorest human living in the civilised west will, at some stage, spend money or generate some form of expenditure for someone.

We should have told the USA to remove their armed forces and intelligence services from the UK a while ago. They don't have to be stationed here in this age of modern communications. They also need to be stopped from housing their nuclear arsenal here again  - which is doing irreversible ecological damage wherever it is deployed.

Just as we need to keep out the human traffickers, we need to be rid of the war mongers too.

The USA operates a pyramid scheme via the arms industry and with modern tech there's no guarantee that the equipment will work, should our idiologies or priorities come to the horns of a modern, moral dilemma...viruses can be planted in any system running software...everything can be hacked. Just as the USA accused Huawei of various acts contrary to the safety and security of its nation, I'll wager the USA are capable of doing the same to all of the customers on its list of international defence contracts.

Other nations are waking up to the fact that the USA is currently the biggest threat to world peace; the current proxy war in Ukraine is an example: remove a leader, replace it with someone you want in power, threaten the deployability of a 1/3 of a foreign power's defensive capability without committing a single member of your own armed forces to the ground and make lots of back door deals with your puppet head of state...oh I forgot the first bit...promise the nation that saved you from certain defeat in WW2 that you won't encroach upon its borders...and then steadily keep moving the Iron Curtain slowly closer towards its borders. The Cold War never ended. It's been continuing right under our noses.  While Russia aren't innocents in this global game, they didn't start this particular chapter.

China are the big enemy of the USA now, simply because they have a bigger economy. The USA interfere with powerplay on the continent of South America all the time...and it's still ongoing, yet they want to heighten the risk of a nuclear war over Taiwan.

Another point of interest for me is that 2 years ago, Russia put forth a resolution to the UN to outlaw Naziism.  Two of the nations that voted against this motion were:  The USA and the Ukraine.

UK citizens need to wake up to the reality of modern warfare...its all about grabbing the Earth's natural resources and protecting the petrodollar. This is economical warfare. Economical warfare is how World War 3 began. Our politicans continue to lie to us about this.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  The UN Arms Inspector that reported as much was murdered.  The only politican in Blair's government that spoke against the invasion of Iraq was found dead in suspicious circumstances.  I believe that the war in Afghanistan was about the Poppy Fields, nothing more because opium is a key ingredient of modern pain medications (amongst other uses - legal and illegal).  What happened on 9/11 is unforgiveable but there is such a lot of evidence available now that questions what the USA have said about the event.  If any of the USA government's assertions were true about going after those responsible for 9/11, why wasn't Pakistan invaded and the situation brought to a close earlier?

Is a difference in ideology a valid reason to commit war when all the nations operate the same way? Every country has been ensnared into one ideology...capitalism. the veneer is different but at the heart of it, we the global community, are all slaves. Our ranks vary and afford us different privileges...but watch what happens when we step too far out of line...eg by developing a different currency like BRICS; the war drums soon start echoing in the halls of power.  In the case of journalists telling the truth about government actions can put them in very difficult situations.

The only way we can ensure peace is to refuse to go to war on moral grounds. You can't jail a whole nation for being morally correct, especially if they do so by making the fiction of democracy a reality.

We need our armed forces...but we need them to protect our own lands from attack rather than being used as pawns in illegal land grabs...and wars based on greed.

These are my thoughts and conclusions based on my life experiences and I encourage you to not take my word for the content above...but rather to research everything I've written above and come to your own conclusions.  We need people to make up their own minds about what our Governments are telling us via the press.  Every country controls its press.  

Mobile technology is putting us all in individual boxes and removing the one thing that can help us to live as free people, the ability to talk openly and freely with our neighbours - locally and gobally.  If you want a healthier society, spend less time on mobile devices and more time speaking with each other...and perhaps use the mobile devices to do research rather than blindly accept what is broadcast on them.

Lastly, I would ask this: don't brand those that seek the truth as 'Conspiracy Theorists'. People that seek the truth have often been in the greatest danger. Most people live in blind obedience with no idea what they've signed up to...dogma guided by materialism.

The UK's biggest threat to democracy is underway: a digital currency, 15 minute cities, removal of the right to strike, curtailing the rights of protesters, disguising dissenting public opinion as 'hate speech' and prosecuting citizens for it, are just some of the issues currently facing people living in the UK.  None of these issues are isolated to the UK though, the same issues are popping up all over the world under the guise of reaching 'Net Zero'...but the controlled media aren't reporting this as such, choosing, rather, to report on them as individual incidents.

We all, as a global population, are facing the biggest threat to humanity and there are many difficult conversations to be had as to how to navigate these troubled waters ... so put the kettle on?

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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