Protecting Your Identity - Exhibitors with DAN, WIPE and WPICC

Personal Security and stigma are serious issues and many people don't exhibit their art, photography or poetry if they're either disabled, staying away from abusers (eg males and females suffering domestic violence) or asylum seekers.

If you would like to exhibit with my projects and are concerned about your safety, here is some advice:

Create a pseudonym (a false name).  Authors have been doing this for generations.  As long as you pay your taxes etc on works generated and don't use the name to break any laws, you should be fine...but please do seek some advice on the issue to safeguard yourself.

Buy a cheap mobile phone with a pay as you go sim and lock it to that name.  Create an email address on and again lock it to that name.

You now have an identity that you can use to exhibit your art online and on social media.  Make sure that you never post any images of yourself or the area surrounding your home if you are concerned for your safety.

None of the projects run by Wolf Photography will ask you to prove who you are.

If you are still concerned and wish to discuss this further, please drop me a message via the Facebook Page.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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