An art exhibition called 'Farnham Legends'

After six months in the making, it was finally time to showcase all our hard work. 
We had a fantastic Private View at The New Ashgate Gallery on Friday 12th January!

Fiona, Chloe and I, each gave a short speech about our work, as well as welcoming The Heroes to perform a selection of songs. Stephen Noyce led the band from Post19 brilliantly, with whom I had collaborated with by interpreting a couple of their songs into vibrant and unique, digital fine art.

If you would like to listen to what I had to say on the night, then click here!

You can listen to The Heroes in action right here!! 

If you would like to visit, 'Farnham Legends,' the show will be on display until March 9th at:

The New Ashgate Gallery
Waggon Yard
Farnham GU9 7PS

Sending good vibrations until very soon! 🎶

✨View more artwork from the artists I exhibited with here: Fiona Pearce and Chloe S. Moncrieff

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