Battle Drums and Conscription

World events are pointing to the possibility of another world war, something that most intelligent people would rather avoid.  I personally feel that we should have evolved beyond the need for wars but another element has dominated the world of politics, and succeeded globally, to start wars:  capitalism.

The Oxford Languages dictionary defines 'capitalism' as an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.  These 'private owners' have many of the most influential and powerful politicians on Earth in their pockets.

Through activities such as lobbying (for which 'bribery' may be a better term), the big corporations have been influencing (leaning on) politicians to make decisions that favour the donators rather than complying with the wishes of the electorate.  One of these activities is war.  Nations will use Main Stream Media (MSM) to spread lies about certain issues to curry favour with citizens of a nation.  The BBC has long been used by the British government as a propaganda tool to mislead public opinion; you can add Sky News and ITV to the list...even Channel 4 went a little askew on the issue of Palestine in 2023 but seem to be reporting fairly now.  The negative effects of MSM platforms are slowly being realised as more and more independent news channels are cropping up, fed up with the propaganda that we're being subjected to...many of these independant presenters/journalists being described as 'conspiracy theorists' by the MSM and those that disagree with their views.

Some Independant journalists risk much to bring you the truth...the illegal imprisonment of Julian Assange is an object lesson by the bullies seeking to teach honest journalists about what can happen to them if they tell the truth about issues that governments would prefer remain hidden. 

The Iraq war was illegal but many people were lied to by the USA's and the UK's governments.  Tony Blair should still be tried as a war criminal.  It was a war about seizing resources and creating instability in the Middle East...a war created by the Capiltalist War Drum...whose slogan should be 'Greed before Need'.

Those same war drums are sounding now but there aren't enough people in our countries' armed forces to do their dying for them ... these idle cowards sitting in elevated positions in society that will never send their families to the front lines ... but it's okay for your sons or daughters to die or come back changed forever  by what they will experience, mentally and/or physically.  They will go ahead and conscript your children under the guise of patriotism...but it'll be a lie because they'll be conscripted for the cause of capitalism...and capitalism and colonialism are old bed partners.

All countries need an armed force or a warrior society but it should be to safeguard the citizens of your own country rather than to use the force to further fill the pockets of the caplitalists...or to allow the corrupt to remain in power.

The day is coming when the corrupt British government will have to use the British Armed Forces and Police Services to maintain public order in the streets of the UK; but if you're there serving in uniform and you see ordinary, unarmed civilians like your families standing in front of you, peacefully demonstrating - remember something - remember that they are exercising their democratic rights, they're not criminals.  Please don't harm them.

In closing, what will you say when the Capitalists tell you that your son or daughter is wanted to fight in an unjust war?  The establishment doesn't look after veterans as it is, many are mentally imprisoned by their experiences, from which there is no escape - day or night; is this what you want for your children?

We should be evolving beyond the need for war now...especially wars for greed.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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