Are you excited about the book release tomorrow?

I've been asked that question so many times today.

What's there to be excited about?  The subject matter isn't pleasant.  The exercise is to demonstrate how PTSD affects me in an effort to help people understand other veterans, as well as showing how poetry and photography help to cope with the condition. 

To push my pain forward in an effort to help others seek support or to help loved ones understand what's happening to their sons, daughters, mothers or fathers that may be afflicted with PTSD.  I take solace in the fact though that a good percentage of the poems are positive in theme ... exploring emtotions that seem to survive under the blanket of PTSD, the flame of my romantic soul survivng in the darkness, walking with the protective spirit of the Wolf.

I've been feeling more vulnerable and stressy as the days move toward release date, which is tomorrow.  If anything I'm plagued with doubt as to whether the book will achieve the goals that I have set and how it will be received by the public.

I want to feel the first book in my hand though, just to connect with it.  I'll probably sit with it for a while and just feel the energy of it ... then I'll lock it all down and get on with posting out the orders.

I always taught myself to do my best at whatever I turned my hand to.  I can honestly say that I've tried that with this book .. and I can't ask any more of myself.   Neither can anyone else.

It's been an interesting experience.


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