Words of a Wolf is live on Nielson's database ...

Another one of those hurdles has been leapt.  Words of a Wolf is now live on Nielson's database of book titles.  I'm hoping that bookstores get interested now.

The advanced orders have gone up to 38 copies now.  The first print run is only 200 copies and they should be here by 24th February 2010 with a little luck.  So I guess I'll have to wait and see what the initial reaction is to the book.

If you know of any local bookstores that might be interested in this title, please let me know?

I had a meeting with the Curator of the New Art Exchange in Nottingham today.  I've got some ideas off him with regard to the photography and poetry exhibition.  I need 10 venues as a 1st stage and they have to be in different zones around England.  So if you know of any venues that might want to hold the exhibition, please get them to email me at:  wolf (at) wolf-photography.com or:  the_wolf1964 (at) hotmail.com.

My thanks to those of you that have placed advance orders and thanks to the people that have been supporting this project.


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