Levelling out ...

I started levelling out a bit yesterday.  I got that huge pile of clean clothing folded and stowed away and tidied up the kitchen a little - well, did the washing up!

I also took time to sit in silence and smudge myself with some dried white sage.  You'd think that silence is something I have plenty of but I thinks it's more about a state of stillness ... complete, empty but so full at the same time.  Leading to the feeling of being connected to the Earth and the Universe - yeah - gimme a tree and I'll gladly hug it.

I'm trying to tidy things up in my home in manageable chunks, so it's the office space next.  The accounts paperwork has gone to the accountant, now I need to get up to date with all the general paperwork lying around and the bits and pieces that need to be thrown away.

I went to the doctor today as I've been coughing a lot and it won't shift.  The doc said that I need to use my inhalers more as the last man cold (my phrase) left my airways clogged up a little.  I have to go back in 4 weeks if it doesn't clear.  I couldn't remeber to tell her about feeling tired all the time.  C'est la vie :o)

Time for a quick nap I think.



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