Today's agenda ...

It's that time of the year when the year end accounts are drawn up and settled.  I have to get the signed paperwork delivered to my accountant this afternoon and he'll submit them to the Inland Revenue for me.  It's another year of financial loss but I hope things pick up this year.

Preperation for the exhibition is still ongoing with regard to my side of things but I need to find support from the funding application side of the project.  I'll try to make contact with someone at a relevant body today.

The writing has dried up completely for a while but I reckon that's bound to happen now and then.  The next book will be one about using travel and photography as a coping mechanism for PTSD ... so it'll continue the theme of using creative skills to bring some peace into one's existence.  I'm about 2 chapters in on this book at the moment but I'm hoping the energy levels rise up to a productive level again soon.

The poetry book, 'Words of a Wolf' is still selling off my website ( and Waterstones have copies in stock if you fancy getting a copy while out shopping.

New photographs will be appearing on the website soon.  I've been knocked low for the last couple of months.  I've had a cough for a month now but it's easing up.  Apparently some people have had this cough for 4 months now!  I'm not sure whether it's the evolution of bugs to 'super-bugs' or the high levels of pollution in the area.

My thoughts turn to this year's travel.  Most of the focus has been on local wildlife, which I think was necessary this year.  It's allowed me to work within my means and catch up with local species that I've always enjoyed watching ... BUT a big trip is needed for the autumn.  Something with wildlife and a natural sight to awe the senses.

I've started doing search engine submissions for self employed people and businesses to try to ease the financial burden of my business a little.  This is where I submit your company's details to thousands of search engines every month to help raise your online profile.  The cost is very economical:  £20 setup fee, plus £10 per month.  Your rating WILL go up if you follow other recomendations that I make through the process, however, anyone that tells you that they can get you to page 1 of any listings without paying for additional services (eg 'Adwords') is lying.  All payments are made through 'Paypal' for our mutual protection.  You can either pay monthly or annually.  Drop me an email on wolf (at) for more details.  If you'd like to see the results of my own campaign, do searches on any of the following words within any search engine and see what comes up?  'wolf photography' - 'Villayat' - 'SnowMoon Wolf' - 'Sunkmanitu'.   This service can benefit customers in Canada, Europe and the USA.  It will also help businesses in other parts of the world but to a slightly lesser degree but would be beneficial if you're trying to bring your business or service to the attention of these other nations.

I hope you're enjoying the good weather ... all the best,


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