2011 Begins!

It was a good start to the year.  I went to a salsa party and danced the old year away and the new one in.  Lately there seem to be enough people to dance with so I can avoid the 'difficult' ladies on the dance floor.  Usually I just go for the dance and not much socialising.  I just lose myself in the music, push my body to work and then leave.  There are a few people that say hello and there are a couple I can have a conversation with.  There seems to be a change now though as there's been more socialising over the last 4 or 5 dances, which is a nice change.

I met a lass that's serving in the RAF, whose birthday is on the same day as me, so we both saw our birthdays in together last night.  Her hubby's a medic in Afghanistan at the moment.  He'll be home to her soon enough though ... and safely.  When I joined up in 1981 - she was the grand age of 2!

I was driving so I didn't have a drink until I got home.  A nice polish family have moved into the close and I had a bottle of vodka in the freezer, so as their lights were on, I did a different version of invading Poland and we sat and talked and shared a drink 'til about 4am I think.  It was good to hear about their lives and their views on aspects of their life.  The guy also likes Gelnfiddich!  I can't remember who gave me the vodka - I wonder  if it was a present from my neighbour last Xmas?

Anyway, Edna's passed me a meal and I'm hungry.

Happy New Year!


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