It's taking ages!!!

Redoing all the image albums is a monotonous task and it's taking me a while.  All the travel section's been updated and should be uploaded tonight before I hit the sack.  If you happen to see any missing images - please drop me an email.

The Special Editions section is done too.

That leaves Actions Sports & Events, People & Culture and the Wildlife section (which is probably as much work as the travel section).

So please bear with me re incorrect pricing.  All the prints are now unframed and the pricing has been reduced on stock image canvases.

Current pricing for printed images:

Canvas Photo Art - Special Editions - supplied unframed - these images are not available for magazine or website usage:

Single Canvas Print Size approx 24 "x36" £99.99 (GBP)

Prints from the Image Library

All images are unmounted and unframed.
Any A4 print £12.99 (GBP)
Any A3 print £22.99 (GBP)
Single Canvas Print Size approx 24 "x36" £69.99 (GBP)

Postage & Packing costs are as follows:
A4 £2.50 (GBP)
A3 £3.50 (GBP)
Canvas £10 (GBP)

A4 £10 (GBP)*
A3 £10 (GBP)*
Canvas £20 (GBP)*

*Please email before ordering, to make sure I can provide a delivery service to your country.

If you want to buy a print and the price is wrong on the actual image album - please email me on wolf (at) and let me know the image and size that you want printed and I'll generate a money request through 'Paypal' for the correct amount.

All the best


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