Dreamshots of Kingfishers ...

Imagine the scene: a high pitched tweet a blur of blue and orange and it's gone!  That's all most people get to see of kingfishers as they fly off on the hunt for small fish.

I was very fortunate the other day.  I was in a place that I'd been using since spring to try and photograph these amazing hunters.  Yesterday it paid off!

I met a fellow photographer in the morning who told me that he'd got some good shots of a kingfisher in the morning.  I met him about 10:30am.  Four hours later I was blessed with this site:

I was lucky enough to watch this lovely creature catch a fish, kill it and then eat it.  The full sequence is on  http://www.wolf-photography.com/albums/Wolf%20Photography%20-%20Nature%20-%20Kingfishers/index.html.  The first two images are of a kingfisher in Cornwall.  The rest are from the other day.

I still haven't gotten over the shots myself.  Everytime I load them up they make me smile from deep within.



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