Mammoth task ...

I've been re-writing the website over the last 2 weeks.  The changes were necessary in order to protect my Intellectual Property on my website and to work towards making my images more 'searchable' via Google etc.  I'm having problems locating a simple java/html search engine to use on my site for the specific purpose of making all of my images searchable.  If anyone knows of a good 'freeware' or a reasonably cheap  program, please drop me a message.

The maintenance image warning of ongoing work has been removed and the site should be fully operational again.  Please do report any dead links or missing images?

The work's taken my mind off my injuries and allowed me to rest my body for a little while.  Unfortunately, the pain's been getting worse in the newer injury areas.  I'm having serious concerns about the grading that I'm working towards in December - will my body be able to move properly and do what's required?  There's only one way to find out.

On the plus side, I've seen more of the kingfishers and am looking at ways of getting specific types of action shots.  While tolerant of the hide, kingfishers are still wary of humans and it's a time consuming process that makes use of more than my allocated share of luck; so it's good when other photographers are there for the same thing - perhaps our accumulated luck will give us what we desire.

Have a pleasant evening.


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