Progress on website -

I've been finding images from trips that haven't been processed and catalogued onto the site yet - including Guacco Heron, Pied Kingfishers and Egrets from Egypt.

Other albums are being added and updated too.  Once all the new images have been added, more background work will start to make sure that any relevant keywords have been added to different images (eg mountains, trees etc) in order to help people narrow their search requirements.

On the minus side I took a hard hit on the eye while training last week that has loosened up some fluid  in the rear of my eye and caused floaters and flashes of light to appear.  Luckily there wasn't a retinal tear but it has to be monitored now as there's no cure for this and I have to be vigilant over symptoms.  I've not been out with the cameras since the incident occured, so I'm a little anxious as to how it will affect my camera work.  Let's hope some good light comes into play tomorrow so I can find out.

I'm getting itchy feet re some photography too - time for a trip somewhere!

All the best


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