David Eddings via Tony Jackson...

I can't remember what happnened to prompt the action but I'll always be gratefull to Tony Jackson for lending me a set of books to read.  We were serving in Northern Ireland and I guess he'd been using these books as a way to wind the mind down after a 12 hour shift when you're safety and/or survival is reliant upon being hyper vigilant.  I remember Tony as a quiet bloke with a good sense of humour.  I'm pretty sure he got posted out of the Province before I finishsed my tour there.

The books he leant me are collectively known as 'The Belgariad' by David Eddings.  A set of 5 titles that follow the journey of an orphan named 'Garion' through the trials of childhood and beyond as he discovers himself and forms friendships with various characters along the way.  It's a book full of warmth and humour as well the usual fight between good and bad but at the core is the love and devotion that began eons ago with a snowy owl and an old wolf.

The 5 books in the set are entitled:
Pawn of Prophecy
Queen of Sorcery
Magician's Gambit
Catle of Wizardry
Enchanter's End Game

They should be available at all good book stores.  If you enjoy reading them, look up the set of 5 that came next, 'The Malloreon'.

If you missed out on family life when you were younger, read these books and start filling that void.


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