Thoughts for 2012 ...

It's got to be said that I don't fit into the category of 'normal'.  There's not much about me that is.  My work ethic is straight down the line, I'm not into materialism or power - so corruption has never interested me ... and I tend to tell the truth about things when asked.

When I look back over 2011, I see the lessons that I should have learned and the mistakes that I have repeated.  One of those lessons goes against 'telling the truth when asked' - I should keep my experiences to myself.  Information is a weapon and if you tell people about yourself they may either choose to use the information against you in some way and subject you to stigma or choose to break all contact with you.

There will always be those that will try to look down upon you or misconstrue what you say or do.  There will always be cliques in groups ... and you may find yourself as their subject for gossip ... nothing flattering though, usually negative chat.

All I can do is continue to live the way I live and 'disassociate' more.  Times have changed and groups that respected honour above all else  have also allowed their standards to be lowered.  There will always be those that hold to the old ways and walk an honourable path that don't redicule or belittle those who are less fortunate themselves; they are the people I would like to meet and spend time with in 2012.

I have made some good friends in 2011.  Sadly they, like my other good friends, don't live nearby.  I hope to have more contact with them.  I am open to good experiences and a lot more travelling this year, dependent on funds.  There are so many targets on my wish list ... I'll be happy if I can get to at least three of them this year.

The background work for the planning of the exhibition continues.  I hope to get my feet wet in the first quarter of this year by delivering an awareness session on PTSD, possibly to families of veterans.  The awareness talks will all be free.  If a group would like to request a talk, please contact me.  The details are on my website.

Educating people, particlarly students and veterans, about Intellectual Property (IP) - mainly 'copyright' - seems to have become a natural aim of my work.  It started through writing up helpful stuff on the 'Creativity Resources' section of 'Wolf Photography' - my main site; it then seemed sensible to setup another section to enable photographers to learn a little about copyright and the tools needed to ensure that they have covered their backs with regards to model release forms etc.

I will be drawing up a contract for printers soon.  This is to ensure that the printer you use respects IP law and won't abuse your art or your rights.  This will be made live on the site for your use as soon as I have it finalised.  I will also be drawing up lists of those that follow good practice as associated companies and those that have abused it.  It will act as a guide as to who you can do business with ... but it will only be my opinion.  It'll be up to you to read the guide and make up your own mind.

I have helped out various people and projects in the past with free webspace on my server.  Please be aware that that will come to an end in February 2012 - simply because I will be moving my website to a different provider.  You can still use the designs and graphics etc that I have provided you on your new web space but you must continue to provide a credit to 'Wolf Photography' for the free work and link to the website

I guess that's it for now.

All the best


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