Enabling other writers ...

Do you have a book inside you waiting to burst out?

I've been feeling that way for a while now ... and now I'm two books down the road.  And you know something?  It feels good!  I feel like I'm contributing something again ... something unique.  Poetry's not everyone's thing but I'm not a traditional poet.  My style's my own, sometimes raw, sometime's subtle.  It get's the message out though.

If you have any sort of mental health problem, I recommend trying it as a way of getting your feelings out.  Sometimes there's no one there to talk to and I can just be sat there bubbling over and drowning in my own crap...and then the pen starts writing.  It's like it's writing without awareness.  The words just flow and they act as a conduit for my emotional turmoil.

It's not always turmoil though.  Sometimes I write about love, mainly unrequited, sometimes about that space that exists for other emotions during other activities in my life.

So my third book is for those of you that have a book inside them and want to write it...or those of you that have written something but haven't found a publisher yet.  My advice is simple - publish it yourself!

There are so many ways forward, Amazon Kindle, Ebooks on Waterstones, and distribution channels with companies like Lightning Source.

Don't let your words fester, get your message out there, whatever it may be.

SnowMoon Wolf's guide to Self-Publishing will be released in a day or two with lots of tips and tricks with regard to writing your title, publishing it and publicising it.  It's based on two years of experience in the Self -Publishing game and you might find it useful.  The price tag will be $1 or £1 (the distributor taxes Ebooks though), dependent on where you are.  It'll be useful to writers based anywhere in the world that use the English language.

Why the Wolf on the cover?  Some tribal people from North America  believe that the Wolf is a Pathfinder, Protector and Teacher.

SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing will be available on Amazon and Waterstones.  I'll post more details when the final checks are made and everything's green for go.

Have a good night,


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