Update 2 re DAN V3.0 - Decorating Done!

 Hi Folks,

Work on changing the DAN venue at #Tesco is progressing nicely.  The decoraters have now finished.

Many thanks to Keith, James and Joe of Concept Painting Contractors for doing a great job.  Also many thanks to Sally from Brewers Decorator Centres and Kim from Dulux for supplying the paint.

The next stage will be getting the signage back up and intensive fundraising for the screens.  We have to raise £12,000 to pay for the screens.  If you can donate a fiver, please visit this page, donate, comment and share please?  Here's the link:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/429577831487023/5180216665385517/.


This is how the venue looks now

We'll be doing more tidying at the venue this Friday evening and getting the disability story boards back up.  They're an interesting read that give an insight into how mental health issues can be created through various circumstances for veterans and civilians.

The exhibition venue is:  Tesco Bulwell Extra, Jennison Street, Nottingham NG6 8EQ.

This project is being supported in various degrees by the following companies.

If you would like to be a corporate sponsor, please visit: https://www.wolf-photography.com/downloads/DANV3.0.pdf and have a read about the necessary changes we are putting into effect.

You can follow the overall progress of the update on Facebook too.  Just click:

Many thanks to all the people and companies that have contributed so far towards this project.  Please remember that these changes have been neccessitated by the pandemic and that DAN has been serving the disabled community for 6 years in total, 5 years at Tesco.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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