Update 3 re DAN - Disabled Artists' Network CIC

Work on the project is progressing nicely.  DAN registered as a CIC on 18th March 2021.  So we are now Disabled Artists' Network CIC.  This should make it easier to access funding pots for the last few things we need to get this venue up and running.

We have finished recruiting volunteers for the content editing and social media channels that we operate.  We mainly relied on Facebook with an automatic feed to Twitter but Facebook stopped that a while ago.  So we have Jacob doing the Facebook feed, Claudio handling the Twitter account and Xiaoyan taking care of Instagram.  Karla will be creating video content to help de-mystify some of the actions and options for applicants that need more help on our Facebook group page for exhibitors.

Here are the links:  Facebook   Twitter  Instagram   YouTube

Work has begun on the applications system.  We've had 15 applications so far and we're working on the best way to display the submissions as web content;  every artist will have a PDF file with their statement which will be downloadable but protected against editing and printing; so if you're applying to exhibit and your art is for sale, please make sure you've included contact details and your website on your statement (if you have one).  Early applications are allowing the team to develop a system of processing on various fronts, for which we are grateful.

We will be receiving training from 'Knowledge' soon on the MagicINFO system for the Voluntary Content Editors.  I'm looking forward to seeing and getting to grips with the software as that will be how we will display content on the 13 Samsung  43" QHR media displays.

We are still fundraising, so if you'd like to be a Corporate Supporter, please click here and download the update:  We have raised over £9,000 so far.  If you would like to be a public supported, please click on our 'Fund A Fiver' campaign on Facebook: simply donate £5 of what you can afford and then ask your friends to do the same.  You've raised £700 so far - thank you!!

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your support.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu
Disabled Artists' Network CIC

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