Democracy in the Houses of Parliament, UK - a myth.

 The mainstream media (MSM) colludes with the government and peddles the myth of effective democracy in the UK as an example to various populations abroad ... but it's a lie.

MPs are elected by their constituents for their stance on issues amongst  other criteria but when it comes to voting on issues they can be forced to vote a certain way by the chief whip of their political party.  If they vote against the party's wishes, they can be expelled from the party.

They can also be expelled for other issues but this article focuses on the issue of 'whipping', an archaic term from the days of the gentry hunting with hounds.  Like hunting, the practice of whipping needs to be abolished.

Why would an MP vote as directed when they don't agree with issues being voted upon? The usual, they could lose their job and various other perks that could boost their income.  It's no different to your work colleagues: how many would come forward and have the courage to tell the truth about a given issue? I would guess hardly any if it meant they could lose their job as a result or perhaps end up being overlooked for a promotion.

It takes courage to stand up and tell the truth about what's really going on around us, particularly in the sphere of British politics. We need to value the honest politicians, whatever their party political allegiances...but we need to stop circulating the myth that the United Kingdom is governed by a democracy, as well as, in light of countless examples in the MSM, the myth that all our MPs are honourable.  Being honourable means to do your job honestly,  look after your constituents,  avoid taking bribes from lobbyists and avoid awarding contracts to acquaintances  ... amongst other things.

British politics are conducted on double standards with no accountability to the public.  If you look at the current scandals surrounding Mone and Zahawi, these are 2 examples where I can guarantee that had these acts been carried out by working class people the outcomes would have been very different. 

Pay attention to what politicians promise you, the timeline will always collide with the next general election and the issues won't be addressed.

Pick your politicians with care and control them...make them accountable to us...the public because that is their job and if they don't represent your interests, vote someone else in and make democracy work.  The current 'old boys network' mentality in British politics has to change.

Members of Parliament are public servants, our servants.  They manage the country by using public funds...our taxes.  Make them accountable,  just as we are accountable in the jobs we do.

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu 

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