Equipment needed to create a Nightlapse video using a Gopro8 Black

Hi folks,

This is just a basic equipment list to enable you to do some nightlapse photography in Iceland.  This is how I do it.  Follow the instructions at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for you damaging your equipment.

1.  External door covers.

2. Good usb c lead.

3. Good clamp.

4. Small rubber bands.

5.  Putty.

6.  Aquarium sealant.

7. Stable platform.

8.  Waterproof bags.

Storms can come and pass quickly in Iceland. Some can last days though. A tripod can be blown over easily.   Find a naturally sheltered spot for your baking tray (advanced tripod) and weight it down with rocks or sand.

Attach the replacement door to your gopro8 that allows the usb c lead to connect directly to the camera.  Remove the battery from the gopro8.  Make sure you use a good memory card for the job as you'll be sub-zero.  Push 3 small rubber bands onto the usb c connector and keep looping them over til tight.  Attach the usb c lead to the gopro8. Push the small rubber bands towards the external door cover hole.

You have 2 choices now: use the putty to make the space around the rubber bands rainproof or use the silicone sealant.  The silicone sealant takes longer to become rainproof.  Do NOT SUBMERGE YOUR GOPRO8 UNDERWATER, by replacing the door you have removed its underwater capabilities.

Get your waterproof bag and insert your fully charged powerbank.  Attach the usb end of the cable and activate the powerbank.   Seal the waterproof bag.  Run a video test to make sure it all works.

Setup the nightlapse mode on the gopro8 if you haven't already.  Leave the red linking LED function on in the preferences, so you know it's recording.  Attach the gopro8 to the clamp.  Slide the clamp onto the baking tray.  Compose your scene.  Press record.

Use Google maps to record the location.  Use something to mark the spot.  

Good luck!

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu 

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