Email contact problems

The last round of microsoft's automatic updates have screwed up my outlook software. All of the business email accounts are now forwarding to It would be advisable to use this email address for the foorseeable future as I can't see Microsoft getting off their arses and addressing the issues caused.

I did notice that they were sending out vista related updates to XP machines. I guess it's their way of forcing customers to upgrade to current software. If that's so it'd be interesting if anyone interested in the issue could investigate whether they've breached any UK laws by doing so. I always thought that if you broke something through being reckless, you committed criminal damage under UK law. Could trying to generate more sales become 'criminal intent' in some way? Who knows. Microsoft, you're responsible though. Get your arses in gear and fix the problem ya lazy feckers.


PS for techies: the system was working fine before the last trip. Came home and started the system - autoupdates started off. Installed and then ran outlook - as soon as you check new email the system resources leap up to 50% usage. Incoming email is extremely slow. Tried taking off the updates and unisntalling and re-installing outlook after a reboot. No change. Turned off all add ins. No change. Tried setting up a new mail profile. No change. Any help would be appreciated.

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