The exceptions.....

One of the best things about travelling, apart from seeing a different country and experiencing it's food and culture is the fellow travellers that you meet.

They seem like kindred spirits. A mish mash of age, experience and life paths. Like any mixed bag, some can a pain in the arse but I'm lucky enough to have not met many of that ilk.

They're people that are generally open and very giving and maybe that's the thing that binds you in that've met a stranger that's said, 'Hi how are you? Take a seat and join us? Share with us.'

Sometimes these people feel like family. There's a closeness that's intense and very real and it's like you're meeting those missing jigsaw pieces of your life. I still get emails now and then from some of the people that I've met on these travels and it's nice to hear from them. The contact rekindles the memory of the warmth and humour shared on the journey.

Happy journeys to you all, wherever you are.


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