Combat Stress ... Day 2

I had my care plan copied out for me last night and then got into it today. 

The morning started with breakfast and then an OT assessment to make sure that I could use the gym facilities.  So I went in and did a warm up and practised some kata and techniques.  I know that I'm going to be walking like an old man in the morning but what the hell.

so my priorities have been decided for this week's treatment:  release the stress valve and take that stress level down as far as possible, get my medication up to the proper levels and start taking them on time and to re-instate a method via my mobile phone to remind me to take them, to gain further insight into PTSD and where I am with my condition and to get my body moving again re warm ups and martial arts again.

I met with my key worker in the afternoon and we caught up with where I'm at.  I've been working with this person now for about 3 years.  After that I sat and watched the foxes and continued to build on her trusting me.  By the end of the day, she came to within 7 feet of me and then later on bought her 3 cubs scampering behind me, the largest of which seems to be okay with me and my camera.

At 18:30 we went into the evening session which entailed watching a DVD therapy session that gave me further insight into the conditioning that took place when I began training with the armed forces.  This was followed by an open and honest discussion with the facilitators and participants that led to some bonding as a result of said people daring to open up to eachother.

I had just enough time and daylight left afterwards to go and watch the foxes and cubs again before coming here and letting you know what's happening.

time to relax with a cup of tea.

Later :o)


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