Evening of day 3 and day 4 ...

It had been a pretty full on day yesterday.  I attended the 'assertiveness' work group as well as a relaxation session ... and one of the lads found my mobile phone that I'd misplaced.  I'm getting a bit of a reputation here for that  as I've misplaced my track suit bottoms now!

Today's workgroup was Art Therapy followed by a 1-to-1 session with my key worker.  One of the guys in the group has a habit of bringing the facilitator right into the group and including them, should they wish to share anything ... he does it in genuine good humour and it's received in that way by the different facilitators.

It's nice to sit in with a group of men that are veterans and share our inner-most feelings and to support each other as we open up about them.  I hadn't attended much in the way of group work before ... but I've made up for that this time.

There's nothing much on now until leaving time so I'm going to head for home earlier than planned and get back to processing some of my recent photography and get back on track with my writing.

It's time to see if the foxes are coming out to play :o)


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