Salsa tonight ...

It was a good night tonight.  No awkward ladies on the floor and a good crowd.  I really needed it.  My body's complaining now with pain in different areas ... I'll address that in the morning with a nice hot bath.

I got to thinking about death related stuff after reading Mat's blog entry about his Uncle.  Seems when you get to your 40s you start hearing about a lot more of it.  It's different though ... different to the death we used to hear about as youngsters.  It reminded me of the last passing over of a soul that I'd witnessed.  It was my friend Stuart.  He'd survived a bomb blast in Northern Ireland but had then contracted MS.

He was a really kind and supportive friend and he did a lot for me ... much more than anyone that I've known in civvy street.  I remember our last conversation as the clock ticked away his last hours with us on this plane.  We discussed death and spirituality.  He told me of a vision that his grandfather had had while serving in WWII:  He was in a landrover heading towards a booby trap when a ghost got in the path and made them stop and go a different route ... thus avoiding the bomb.

Stuart said that he believed in the afterlife .. but not the heaven and hell way that a lot of organised religions paint it - but rather that we leave the shell behind and our spirits go back to the collective energy of the Universe.  When my friend said that, I stopped worrying about him, as our views were the same, and sat with him until he let out his last breath ... I kissed his forehead and walked out ... Stuart had already flown free, what was left behind wasn't my friend ... just a shell.

He came to me in a dream a few days later.  I figured he was checking up on me.  He took me for a drive in this dream.  We were in a red sports car and we were accelerating hard towards the back of another car.  I thought we were going to collide with it ... but at the last moment, wings shot out of the side and the car flew into the blue sky.  Stuart asked me if I wanted to have a go and I said 'yes!'  I couldn't make the car take off though and Stuart asked me one question, 'Why won't you let yourself take off?'  I still can't answer that.  BUT, I know my friend's okay.

Have a pleasant day...


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