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There's such a demand for diverse images nowadays.  Remember, it's a global market now and companies like Facebook and Twitter have already told you that they'll use your images if they want to - without your permission.

'So what?' I hear you say.

 Now UK business will be able to use your photos (including family images) for commercial purposes without your authority if you cannot be identified and contacted to seek said permission?  For more info see my blog post on:

 If you don't protect your images, companies in the UK will be able to use them for advertising purposes without consulting you if you can't be identified as the creator of a photograph.  So please, do yourself and the photography industry a favour, copyright your images - even if they're family snaps.

Here's a really easy way to do it by using a cheap piece of software called jAlbum.  Download the software from and install it onto your system.  I would opt for the standard one time fee
if you're using the package for personal use only.

I have arranged an additional 20% discount for you that is valid until  2/8/2013.  The code is: WOLFPHOTO.

Before you use the program, do some housekeeping:

1. Create a folder called 'images' and then create a sub-folder called 'net_ready'.
2.  Move all your photographs into the 'images' folder
3.  Now COPY any images that you're likely to put onto Facebook, Twitter etc or your business site into the 'Net ready' folder.

Now start up jAlbum and use the 'chameleon' skin.  If it isn't installed - get it from

1. Select the Chameleon Skin on the left hand side (I think the default is 'Turtle'.)
2. Create a new project and call it 'My net images' and then hit F4 (on the keyboard) to go to the album setting section.  Under Image directory, locate the folder you created earlier (Eg c:\images\net ready).  Make sure the output directory is the same location.  Leave the tick in 'change directory locations'.
3. Click the 'chameleon' tab and then click 'Filters'.
4. Now click 'Watermark'
5. Under 'text' enter '©Copyright of (your name) 2013'
6. Select the font you want
7. Style 'normal'
8. Size is 25
9. If you want it in the centre - horizontal and Vertical align is centre (adjust to preference)
10. Margin is 20 px 
11. Opacity - try 20% - alter to your requirements.
12. Click 'Ok.
13. click 'Make album'  - bottom left with a hammer.

When it's finished making the album - use windows explorer to find the web album - then drill down into a sub-directory called slides.  You will find (amongst other files) a copyrighted 'jpg' of every image.

A good example of watermarking.

Not as good an example of watermarking as part of the set could be cropped and still be used as a separate image for website/blog use.

Once you have done this initial setup, it'll literally take seconds for you to create future copyrighted slides for Internet usage.

The creator of the image is now identified and the image cannot be used under UK law as an 'Orphan Work' without your permission.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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