The eye sees more than the camera ...

How many times have you taken a photograph only to find that it doesn't look anything like what you actually saw with your eyes?

It's a common thing.  Why?  The human eye is a lot more complex than a digital camera.  It processes light and data in a different way and quality.  Your eye is the equivalent to a 130 million pixel camera.  The average is camera takes shots that are about 15 million pixels.

So we have to be aware of this when we take certain sorts of shots  - Eg sunsets and scenes and objects that display a lot of colour to our eyes.

How do we make the images look like what we saw with our eyes?
Pure manipulation in one or both ways:

1. We use filters to affect the light coming in Eg Neutral Density, Circular Polarisers and coloured filters, as well as the camera settings.

2. We manipulate the images on packages such as 'Photoshop' by manipulating the levels of gamma, brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as the shadows and highlight.

It's not a difficult process but before attempting it, please make sure that you're working on a 'copy' of the original image.  Never use the original ... and make sure you back it up.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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