Finishing touches to the garden ...

The door bell rang at 6:45am ... I just got up assuming that I'd slept in and opened the garden gate for the courier and took delivery of the flatpack containing my garden bench.  I then had a bath, smudged, did some meditation and put the bench together and waited for lunch to turn up.

I watched a couple of episodes of the Cosby show with lunch and then went and had a look at the garden.  Something wasn't right ... and an idea started to form about the rear segment of the garden, which was looking pretty shabby compared to the rest of the space there.  Hmm ... what if I get a couple of panel fences and just section that bit off?  I could just get concrete blocks  - attacj (I believe that's polish for 'attach')  brackets to the wooden panels and slide them between the stacks of concrete blocks  - and voila - an instant screen!  That's exactly what I did.  The hedgehog house is behind the partition, affording them total privacy, should they decide to use it.  I even shoved some fresh hay in there today.

Being quite an accomplished DIY buff, the panels weren't level and have an inverted 'V' between them ... what the hell - I hid that behind the winter jasmine.  I also put the garden bench and the chimenea on paving slabs to protect them from accumulating rainwater and put their protective covers on them.

Lastly, I moved some of the plants around to finish off the rear portion of the garden.

Not much more to be done there now  :o)  I'm tired and sore .. but happy.

Hope you're ok too.


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